Shark Family

The Shark Family is a family of great white sharks that use a water-filled minivan to travel on land, as seen in Operation: F.A.S.T.-F.O.O.D.. They visited Chester's restaurant, Burger Frenzy, to grab a bite to eat, at the request of their son, knowing that it's both his and Numbuh 3's birthdays. Right after the family picked up their meal, the other four operatives believed that they were going to eat their comrade, and pursued their minivan, but failed to stop them. The operatives eventually learned that Numbuh 3 had managed to escape her dire situation before Chester gave the family their meal right before they could get the chance to trash Chester's restaurant to avenge their comrade. The father of this family's name is Gil (as seen in the sea creature-to-English translation subtitles at the bottom of the TV screen).

One of the Shark Family's baby boy is name is Bruce and he's part of the Animals Next Door Operatives.

Other shark families gathered at Burger Frenzy for kids on a buns to enjoy at the end of the show after Numbuh 3 finished Chester off.

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