Mr. White

Mr. White was a living pair of underpants who was hired by theDelightful Children from Down the Lane to assassinate Numbuh 1 inOperation: B.R.I.E.F.

History Edit Edit

The supposedly normal pair of undergarments was sent to Nigel as a gift, and attacked him in his sleep. When Numbuh 1 informs his friends that his underwear is trying to kill him, they (understandably) believe that their leader has gone insane. However, when they receive word from KND HQ of an assassin, they realize that he was telling the truth and rush to his aid. By that time, Mr. White had knocked Numbuh 1 through his bedroom window, leaving him hanging for dear life, and was about to kill him when he sees Nigel's neatly folded underpants drawers, which had been knocked on the ground during the fight. Mr. White then decides that he could never hurt someone who was "good to his shorts" and goes forth to save Numbuh 1 before the members of Sector V arrive behind him with their gunsights aimed at him. Mr. White desperately tries to explain that he is no longer trying to harm Numbuh 1 and that he is now trying to save him, and Numbuh 3 tells the others to let him go, sensing that he was telling the truth.

Mr. White then jumps out of the treehouse as Nigel begins to fall, using his elasticity to act as a bungee cord for him, being severely stretched out in the process. The KND then nursed him back to health, and Mr. White thanks them for their hospitality, saying that he will give up his life in the underworld and retire in Florida. But first, he says, he will do one last favor for the Kids Next Door. The Delightful Children are then seen answering their door to find a gift box containing a pair of tube socks.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • He was seen during the ending credits in Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S..
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